Some Background on the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

The main goal of the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market is to support local vendors, artists, makers, and artisans. While there are a number of markets and locations in this area, Deep Ellum Outdoor Market offers something unique, this calls to those who enjoy this type of shopping experience. There are definitely more than a few markets in the DFW area, but once you visit the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, it is likely going to become one of your favorite places to go.

Located at 2636 Main Street, in Dallas, Texas, The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, commonly just referred to as (DEOM) is open every third Saturday from the hours of 11 AM to 5 PM. DEOMís founder and the director is Brandon Castillo, who lived in Spain for a period of two years teaching English while often visiting the nearby El Rastro Market, which was opened on a weekly basis. This is the inspiration for DEOM. With an idea and the desire to contribute to the DFW community, Brandon returned to Dallas to begin the process of creating this unique market/shopping experience. Deep Ellum already had a strong history of being a type of cultural mecca for the arts and it was obvious to him that this was the ideal location to execute his new dream.

According to a website dedicated to the history of Deep Ellum in Dallas, it first began to form and develop during the latter part of the 1800s as both a commercial and residential neighborhood found on the eastern side of Dallas. As the years passed, it became known for a number of different things. Deep Ellum has gone through a number of re-branding periods in more recent years. Right now, many would say it is going through a bit of a facelift, with more people and businesses moving up to the location.

When you visit, you can see local art from local artists linking the galleries on Main Street. Another must-see area is the Crowdus and Commerce Street. The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market appears once monthly and draws in a crowd from nearby towns and even different states. The fact is, the entire goal that Brandon had for DEOM was to create an accessible and meaningful public space in the city. This market represents a sustainable way to do just that on a monthly basis. They create an environment that allows creative use of the public areas and streetscape and offers new possibilities for new, emerging artists to reach a diverse and large audience.

While the vendors may be different from month to month, there are a few things you can count on if you plan to attend the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. For example, there is always local music to enjoy and quite a few different food trucks. In fact, regardless of your tastes or preferences, you are likely going to find a food truck that hits the spot.î They typically post the line-up for the upcoming month early so you will know what to expect, as well.