How to Create an Awesome Brand

When you put those sketch ideas into motion and get your brand in motion, you have to make sure that it’ll stick. It won’t make any difference if your customers forget about it after a couple of weeks, and it almost feels like you’re starting from scratch every time you pitch to a group of prospects. Effective branding moves customers. It makes them start to speak about the brand and the popular products associated with it. To make sure that you go about your branding the right way, below are some essential tips.

1.   Create a memorable logo

It’s no surprise. Most probably, you have seen (or heard of) businesses that spent tens of thousands of dollars on the logo. These are firms that understand the importance of this small design product. A successful brand will introduce a logo that helps customers identify it. Think simple and clean, clearly displaying its intent and purpose to the world. The color choice matters a lot too (read about color psychology in branding). Focus on one or two colors that establish an emotional connection to the customer. Before you settle on a logo, make sure that’s going to work for your branding ten years from now.

2.   Create a connection

This is another instrumental branding tip that’s been used by dozens of very successful companies today. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a local business or a multinational, but associating a brand with a well-known person or celebrity creates a connection between that name or brand. It also makes for memorable marketing. When a well-known person in the community endorses a product, people will see it as a superior product.

3.   Keep the naming simple

‘I Love New York’ – that’s a simple slogan that was created over 4 decades earlier. It had the heart symbol instead of the word ‘Love’. Today, it’s still insanely popular. This is an excellent example of how something simple can have a massive impact and still be eternally relevant. Think about using a simple logo, and a pretty simple brand name and/or slogan. It could make a lot of difference.

4.   Local involvement

Local communities often associate brands with major local events. If a tragedy happens in your local community, be ready and willing to help. Locals will remember what a brand did to help. If the news gets national or even global, that’s a lot of unsolicited exposure for your brand.

5.   Build an online presence

A lot of people spend a lot of time online nowadays. You need some form of proper online representation. Build a website or blog where you can publish information related to your brand and its products. Make sure to create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as YouTube. You want to use these platforms to pass the word out there. To make sure that your brand stands out in the online world, be authentic, and have a unique voice. Build a memorable design and post things that empower your customers.

These seemingly simple tips can go a long way towards increasing the punch of your brand. If there are any other tips that you think we left out, feel welcome to share in the comments section below.